Where I stand.
Here are some of the issues that are important to me.  Check back frequently as I will continue to add more.  I also want to encourage everyone to reach out to me to discuss these important topics.  I am an open-minded listener and I value what the community has to say.  I know I'm not always right.  Let's talk and keep the discussion going so that we can move forward together as a school district and as a community. 
I believe Greendale Schools started the year with a great plan to start school.  I think the hybrid model has worked, providing parents with a choice while also working to keep our students and faculty safe.  We must continue to monitor the pandemic as it evolves and use that data to make informed decisions with continued community involvement.
I believe that an educational system is not successful unless it works for every child.  It is important that we are actively working to create an equitable school system that helps all students develop the knowledge and skills they need to become not only engaged members of society, but healthy adults. 
Fiscal Responsibility.
It has never been more important to practice fiscal responsibility in regard to school spending.  I believe we need to be thoughtful about how our district uses our resources so that we not only maintain what we have, but continue to grow in a positive direction.