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I'm ready to get to work!
We have great schools in Greendale, but there is always work to be done to keep our momentum moving forward.  I am excited to be a part of that work.  Please consider voting for me in the Primary Election on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021.  Thank you.  
What I will bring to the Greendale School Board.

My grandma and mom were both lifelong teachers. My grandma spent her career in Greendale teaching at all levels. My mom started her career in Greendale, spending most of her time at the high school level. The tradition continues as my partner is an early childhood teacher at MPS, giving me a first-hand look at the contemporary challenges faced by teachers. This includes the transition and unique challenges of virtual learning. Though I’m not an educator myself, I was raised to believe that education is a cornerstone of a thriving community and that it is important to be actively involved in advocating to keep our schools strong.

As a lifelong resident of Greendale and now as a parent of 2 children currently enrolled at Canterbury, I’m very invested in making our schools and our community the best that they can be.

I benefited greatly from my education in Greendale and it has positioned me to be successful professionally. My job is in a challenging, fast-paced environment, requiring collaborating and problem solving to achieve common goals.

All these experiences and skills are what I bring to the table and they will help me to be a successful school board member.

I believe education is important.  It creates and nurtures our future generations and will help ensure the long-term success of our community.  I’m passionate not just for my own 2 students, but to make this work for all the students of Greendale.
The work is not always easy, but it is important.  I will be a dedicated member of the school board and I will work hard on behalf of our students, their parents, and our community.  I will also not give up when faced with difficult questions.
I believe that keeping our schools moving forward with positive momentum requires a clear vision of the road ahead.  I am mindful of the past and the present, but it is the opportunities provided by the future that truly excites me.  This also means being able to always see the big picture and not losing focus by getting lost on a single issue.
I will work with several teams while serving on the school board: my fellow board members, faculty, administrators, students, parents, and community members.  I will dedicate myself to being a great teammate as I value respect, humility, honesty, and goodwill.  If we work with one another we can achieve great things.
I will listen to the community.  I will listen to parents and students.  We’re all in this together and being able to communicate is critical.  I promise to always work in the most transparent way possible and to do what I can to make everyone feel like they have a voice at the table.
Greendale is my home and I want it to be the best community that it can be.  I will continue to be an engaged citizen, sharing my time, dedication, and passion whenever and wherever I can from the Sunday School classroom to the Little League diamond and beyond.  
Critical Thinking.

It is important to look at issues from all angles and to be able to come up with solutions that are not always apparent.  This also means that there can be more than one right answer and often the best answer comes through collaboration.


I believe there is enough negativity in the world.  I’ve always prided myself on being a positive person and an individual who places a high regard on kindness and understanding.  We all have our differences, but I want to focus on the things that bring us together as a community.


I believe that as a school board member I will have been entrusted by the community and that it is critically important that I do the job with integrity, transparency, and accountability. 

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